Ballroom Dance Lessons at Destination Dance Studios

We keep New York dancing


Private Lessons

You work one-on-one with an instructor and learn various elements of dance such as patterns, timing, lead/follow, and styling.

Private Lessons

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Group Classes

You get to meet new friends. You are not the only person dancing at a club, wedding, or any other function. It is essential to understand how to maneuver with others on the floor. Our group lessons concentrate on aspects such as floor-craft, dancing with other partners, techniques and more.

Group Classes

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These provide you a real-life experience of dancing in a public atmosphere. At Destination Dance Studio, we have in-studio parties, as well as evenings of dinner and dancing, to help you gain experience of real party dancing.


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Destination Dance Studio is a family-owned business. We specialize in Ballroom and Latin dancing for adults.

We offer a ‘no pressure,’ relaxed atmosphere. Our team of experts makes sure that you leave our studio feeling accomplished.

Why Join Destination Dance Studio?

Grow your dancing skills and have a great time doing so

100% free of charge

Our introductory Lesson is completely free! come find out what we can do for you, free of charge!

Trusted Knowledge

Our staff is highly trained and recognized in the dance industry. You will be in good hands.

Great Fun, No pressure

Join a pressure free environment, focused on your enjoyment and our passion for sharing the art of dancing.

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